Moquegua, The Earth of the Eternal Sun, of the best climate in the Peru , and of the best Pisco in the World.

In Moquegua you will be transported to more than 200 years behind visiting some colonial cellars and to prove their flavorful and spirituous piscos.

Moquegua, charming place whose documented history began 12 thousand years ago, with the first old paintings of the caves of Toquepala, the oldest in the Peru .

1000 years ago, the culture Chiribaya developed a metallurgy of the copper, superior to the European of its time.

The city of Moquegua is of totally colonial line, where they highlight its square, its churches and its built elegant large houses with volcanic white rock.

The Colonial Hotel receives with warmth to its guests and it offers them a colonial atmosphere with the modern comfort and the width of the American hotels. Our rooms are wide and provided of a balcony from where you will enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the countryside and of the fresh and pure air of their valley. Their perfumed gardens of jasmines will make them evoke romantic moments.

The radiant sun the whole year it will always incite it to be given a refreshing bathroom in the pool of the Hotel.

Sure of our Climate the Hotel doesn't charge them the day that the sun doesn't shine.

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